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Why is it important for the future to have more and more sustainable projects?

Because it's the biggest challenge of the future!

Every single event of human life is impacted by climate change, and it's no longer possible to turn away. We have the duty to stimulate more and more consciences to move towards a more sustainable world, hoping that new projects are born every day, able to solve the environmental impact now out of control.

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We are the only Reward Crowdfunding platform that works only with sustainable projects, only with projects that pass through our internal approval and that have as a goal at least 1 of the 17 goals that the United Nations have set for the future of sustainability.

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It takes just a few clicks to start working on your fundraising project.

Use the editor to tell the project, upload videos, share documents, set the goal and organize the rewards.

Crowdfffunding relies on Stripe for secure transaction management.

Request publication, you will be online in less than 24 hours.

The campaign can be shared on all major social networks and embedded on your site to intercept its traffic.

The progress bar updates with each new donation until the goal is reached.

At the end of the term, Stripe will send the total amount collected to your bank account.

Donating is your support for the environment, for your ecosystem and for your future!

The challenges of the future are won by starting from what we are able to do today, both as individuals and as a collective. First of all as a Benefit Corporation we invest in the most deserving projects and we hope that our platform can help many donors to reach the most interesting realities.

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Why start a campaign?

To validate the problem identified

If someone is happy to donate for a solution that does not yet exist, it means that they feel the problem identified by the founder in a meaningful way.

To develop a community

The co-creation of an innovative project is a great customer retention lever. The first customers become partners of the initiative betting on its success.

To improve the product before the official launch

Donors will be happy to be involved in focus groups to test the new product features in advance, give feedback and suggest improvements.

To make awareness organically

A rewarding campaign built on a clear objective is easily spendable as informative content for webinars, articles, pr and much more...

To receive the first funds from loyal customers

Give the project that initial boost that investors want to see to discuss a possible participation in the company's capital.

We recommend using the tool if

  • You want to propose a sustainable innovation project
  • You have a community of possible supporters
  • Your initiative is virtuous and your communication is clear
  • You intend to propose rewards consistent with the project presented
  • You have already developed an MVP or a demo of the product
  • You are willing to invest time and effort in communicating your campaign

PS: Crowdfffunding is a digital tool that allows the project to present itself professionally and easily collect donations. The success of the initiative depends, however, on the founders' ability to reach as many donors as possible and convince them to support the project.

We don't recommend it if

  • Your project is not innovative and sustainable
  • You have no audience to show the campaign
  • You are alone and you are still in the phase of Idea
  • You cannot guarantee any reward to your donors

Why have we created this platform?

Because we believe that our contribution is also needed.

As a Benefit Corporation, we asked ourselves: how can we give them a quick, easy and fast tool to help them raise capital? And so our platform was born: zero bureaucracy, zero initial costs and a support team!


Your project stands out for a clear commitment to sustainability challenges?

During the design phase you can use the editor to indicate which SDG'S are most affected by your proposal.

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You are a passionate donor of sustainable innovation?

You can filter projects by SDG's and support the one you are most passionate about.

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